Introducing our new Sailboat kit

  Comes in a small pouch for easy storage in tight places Simply unroll connect either one or two lures behind the bird. Tie the Bungie cord to a cleat and run out the line. Perfect for catching dinner while enjoying a days Sailing Introductory price of only $370 Hong Kong !!  

Tailchasers Membership for 2018 is open

Membership to Tailchasers guarantees  the more you fish the more you save! Joining fees of only $2000 With a daily fee of only $1200/day for a days fshing …..unbeatable New Members receive a free cool Tailchasers fishing Shirt    free All gear, water, limited soft drinks and ice are all included    

Tournaments for 2018

The first of the two Tournaments of 2018 will be held in MAY   Date to be confirmed shortly    

Introducing Slap Happy Teaser/Daisy Chain

New for 2018 The Slap Happy Daisy Chain is a large daisy chain of B2Squid rigged together with 300lb leader. Each 9″ Squid is rigged with a flexible bar that has 2 smaller 4” squid that slap along on each side of it. Total of 4 sets of 9″ squid with their smaller cousins, rigged […]

Rattler Big Game Lure

Rattler Big Game Lure 5cm (almost 10”) long high-speed jet-head with added vents for “smoke” and a special two-part construction that allows the lure to rattle when trolled. Extremely effective, this lure has proven successful with wahoo, Spanish mackerel and barracudas.   Beautifully machined brass/chrome lure with easy mechanical bolt/grommet skirt release for quick color […]

New Shop opening

we now have the shop on the site for tackle, rods and second hand gear if you have some old fishing tackle you would like to sell contact us and will post on the site!   ALL PRICES ARE IN US $